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Located 9 km west of Melbourne’s CBD with a population of 6940 (2006 census), Braybrook is undergoing a period of expansion and gentrification as part of Melbourne’s  urban sprawl as house prices and stock supplies  push buyers into areas previously considered low in desirability. The Western suburbs are far less populated in comparison to the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Crime figures have tended to be higher than other areas and the social economic make up of the West has previously deterred many from migrating into the area unless they work in one of the manufacturing industries based in the west.  However this trend is slowly changing.  Although the area still contains a lot of industrial and mixed use zoning, many of the older factories have been developed into new housing estates and consequently new families are moving in and improving the over all ‘make up’ of the suburb.  There is still a large proportion of government housing in Braybrook and many of the residents work in the manufacturing industry or were born overseas.

Families living in the area benefit from larger blocks of land with detached housing and good sized front and rear yards with housing that is still affordable by Melbourne standards. Residents report the atmosphere in most areas to be family friendly, with good facilities and amenities well suited to an active family lifestyle. There are a few period dwellings to be found  in Braybrook, however they are more prevalent in Sunshine with some of the homes offering wonderful options for buyers attracted to Victorian and Edwardian architectural but unable to afford prices in the Eastern Suburbs.

The government has invested a lot of money into road and park improvements in recent times and this is adding  to property values and promising continued strong growth.  Some of the attractions and facilities on offer include the Maribyrnong River Trail, Medway Golf Club, MAC Aquatic Centre, and a large number of primary and secondary schools.  Highpoint shopping centre is located just down the road in Maribyrnong and attracts visitors near and far. The local shopping centre is called Central West Plaza and is located on the corner of Ashley Street and South Road. The other shopping area is Braybrook Plaza – located on the corner of Ashley St and Ballarat Road.

House Styles:

Houses are predominately post war in style and detached on blocks of land approximately 600 sqm + in size. Newer style town houses are increasing as the suburb gentrifies and the population expands.

Recent Sales:

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