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Located 13km south east of Melbourne’s CBD with a population of 15,167. (2006 census). Brighton East attracts residents unable to afford neighbouring Brighton prices – willing to purchase a property that falls a little further from Brighton’s coastal shores. Residents are mostly owner occupiers and the demographic is generally made up of older more affluent families.

Brighton East boarders on Bentleigh  with property prices more affordable towards the Bentleigh boarder.  The Nepean Highway runs down the centre of Brighton East and houses located ‘beach side’ of the highway are generally more desirable than those positioned on the other side, with easier access to the Brighton Shopping strip, train station, and beach.   The suburb has a good range of amenities and is well established with a range of period homes and post war detached dwellings. Most residents report Brighton East to be a safe, family friendly suburb.  However because the suburb is generally quite exclusive, residents tend to keep within their own boundaries and the atmosphere reflects an older mind set, rather than a than a young progressive environment.

Brighton East residents have a few options when it comes to shopping.  Those closer to Bentleigh can  take advantage of the burgeoning Centre Road shopping strip. The other option is to head to Brighton’s ever popular Church Street shopping strip.  The shops generally reflect a ‘richer’ clientèle with more elusive boutique stores and eateries.  The strip caters for all needs and attracts a range of visitors who enjoy the beach side atmosphere.

Other features of Brighton East include the abundant park land – Dendy Park, Hurlingham Park, and Landcox Park being the most notable. Due to an older demographic there are a number of age care centres and nursing homes in this area.  High rise developments can be found along the main road commercial areas such as the Nepean Highway.


Schools –

  • St. Finbar’s Primary School,
  • Brighton Secondary College,
  • Haileybury College,
  • St Leonard’s College.

Transport – Brighton East doesn’t have a train station, however parts of the suburb are walking distance to Bentleigh Train station, and North Brighton train station. A number of bus services operate along North Rd, Centre Rd, Hawthorn Rd, and Bay road. A tram service operates along Hawthorn Rd.

Shopping –

Local shops can be found along Hawthorn Rd and Bay Road, however residents seeking a grater variety of stores use the Bentleigh shopping strip, or Brighton shopping strips.

House Styles:

Brighton East is predominately made up of detached homes on blocks of land roughly 600 sqm +. Homes style varies from post war, to grand period designs reminiscent of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Newer homes are also common and more often than not reflect the affluent nature of the suburb with an element of ‘McMansion’ about them. Town houses – generally high speck designs – accommodate those looking for luxury over land. Due to the ageing demographic, down-sizer properties are popular – typically villa units, or half block sub-divisions. Flats and apartment blocks can be found closer to the commercial zones, however they are not a common feature of the landscape.

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