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Located 9km East of Melbourne’s CBD with a population of 19,637 (2006 census). Camberwell is characterised with generous blocks of land, tree lined streets, and grand Victorian and Edwardian house designs. As such it’s popular with families – all be it those that are in the higher wealth bracket with the purchasing power to afford to locate into what’s considered a prestigious location. most of Camberwell is zoned residential, with few commercial areas aside from those located around the substantial and well facilitated shopping strip on Burke Rd.  The Prospect Hill area of Camberwell offers lovely views of the CBD and housing in this area fetches the highest prices, with most properties  bearing a fine example of grand period architecture. Most of the property in Camberwell is detached housing, and most residents are owner occupiers (generally an older demographic), with a smaller proportion renting.

Camberwell junction is located at the crossing of Camberwell, Riversdale, and Burke Roads, and is the major commercial centre of Camberwell.  The tram line was extended along Burke Rd  in the early 20th Century increasing the number of shops and facililties. Burke Road is lined with late 19th century and early 20th century buildings with shops that reflect the wealth of the suburb.  Major fashion stores, restaurants, coffee shops, leisure facilities, a cinema complex, and major rail junction cater for the needs and desires of all.

There are 8 Christian churches in Camberwell. Barry Humphreys and Peter Costello are rumoured to reside in Camberwell.

The general feel of Camberwell is relaxed and suburban, however it is far from a being a boring neighbourhood.  There is a good community atmosphere and residents report a friendly neighbourly atmosphere.  Some of the streets are extremely picturesque – lined with established trees  and well maintained front gardens.  There are a wide range of quality schools in the neighbourhood.  The railway station services several rail networks and trams regularly traverse through the shopping strip.

There is a weekly Sunday market which is extremely popular bringing in many from surrounding suburbs and featuring over 350 stores. Some of the architecture in Camberwell is stunning – particularly notable is Camberwell Town Hall – built in the Victorian Era with austere French influences. The building is no longer used as the town hall – however it’s possible to hire it for Wedding receptions and parties.


Main Schools

  • Camberwell Girls Grammar‎
  • Camberwell High School‎
  • Carey Baptist Grammar School‎
  • Camberwell Grammar School‎
  • Methodist Ladies’ College‎
  • Swinburne Senior Secondary College‎
  • Canterbury Girls Secondary College‎
  • Preshil – Arlington Campus (Junior Campus)‎
  • Camberwell Primary‎

Transport – Camberwell train station (Also East Camberwell station, Riversdale station, Willison and Hartwell stations) , 3 tram routes 70, 72, & 75 – multiple bus routes.

Shopping – The major shopping strip is Burke Rd and centred around Camberwell Junction.

House Styles:

Some stunning examples of late 19th and early 20th century architecture. Most of the stock is made up from detached houses. Luxury town houses – both single and double story feature quite strongly – (there are a large number of elderly residents who typically downsize within the suburb and low maintenance single level town residences are popular). Smaller 2 bedroom villa units and apartments can be found closer towards the shopping strip and transport zones.

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