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Located 12 km south east of Melbourne’s CBD with a population of 7152.  Ormond is spread either side of the main ‘North Rd’ road shopping strip. On the south Bentleigh/McKinnon side of North Rd Ormond covers part of the catchment zone for McKinnon Secondary School and house prices reflect this.  On the Northern side other side – the Caulfield South Side of North Rd, house prices are closely associated with Caulfield South prices. North Rd is a busy 6 lane arterial and because of this it lacks the village atmosphere of other surrounding shopping strips.  For this reason Ormond probably doesn’t get the attention it deserves.  However there is plenty of lovely park land in the area (E E Gun reserve), coupled with local private schools (Kilvington Girls Grammar) and a number of churches, which ensure it doesn’t fall unnoticed.



Kilvington’s Girls Grammar

St. Kevin’s Primary School.


Ormond Railway Station


The main shopping strip is located along North Rd. It contains an independent supermarket, grocery stores, chemists, a few coffee and fast food outlets, some smaller specialist stores – such as music and furniture shop, and the popular Sunnybrook Heath food Store.

House Styles:

Land sizes are generally large and existing homes date back to around the 1850’s onwards. Most prominent are Art Deco, or Californian bungalows. Many have been renovated and extended, however – as is the trend with other surrounding suburbs – lots have been subdivided to make way for duel double story modern town houses. Apartments are common around the shopping districts and transport hubs. Many were built in the 1960’s & 70’s with a new wave of apartment development currently under way. Small villa units in complexes of typically 6-8 are also commonly found in this area.

Recent Sales:

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