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Located 17km North East of Melbourne’s CBD with a population of 16,428. (2006 census). Large houses, rolling hills, endless park land, and wide attractive tree lined streets are all features of Templestowe and make it a popular family destination.  House prices have risen dramatically in recent years.  It was once considered an affordable option for buyers needing decent proximity to the CBD but compromising on transport facilities such as a train and tram network to enjoy the more relaxed lifestyle Templestowe offers.  However as city borders have expanded, it has received  a new wave of attention and this un-discovered pocket is no longer so exclusive.  Most people own their properties in Templestowe, with only a small proportion of residents renting. The Yarra Valley park lands are on the northern boarder of Templestowe and spread across several suburbs.  The construction of the Eastern Free-way has provided a huge boost to the locality and greatly benefited those who need to commute into the city. There was originally a plan to have a rail line built down the centre of the free-way, however nothing has eventuated much to the frustration of local residents. Large shopping malls service the area, and there are a number of good schools located within the suburb.



Templestowe Heights,

Templestowe Park

Templestowe Valley

Saint Charles Borromeo

Saint Kevin’s

Templestowe College

Templestowe Valley Primary School

St Kevins PS

Templestowe Heights PS


No rail stations service Templestowe and there is only a limited bus service. However major roads in the locality – including the recently built Eastern Free-way provide good access to the city and surrounds.


The local street shopping area is Templestowe Village located on the corner of St James St and Anderson St. Major shopping malls are located in the neighbouring suburb of Doncaster and include Stockland The Pines and Westfield Shopping Town.

House Styles:

Period housing isn’t a dominate feature of Templestowe however some grand federation style homes are still to be found. Most of the stock ranges from the 1980’s onwards from new families migrating to the area and taking advantage of the lower land prices and large block sizes (700 sqm + ) to built mansion style austere properties. Villa units and smaller subdivisions can be found around the denser areas.

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