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Located 5 km south-east of the CBD with a population of 6394 (2006 census).  Windsor is nestled just south of Prahran.  Often the lines of division are blurred with property in the locality being listed for sale as ‘Prahran’ rather than ‘Windsor’. However the area has a larger commercial zone than Prahran and there are a greater number of apartment blocks which tend to keep the median values lower than those in Prahran (which has a greater number of period houses.) There is quite a high proportion of public housing in the area and crime statistics are not impressive. There is also a large student population due to the proximity of Swinburne University.  The area isn’t a bad one for investment, however position needs to be picked carefully. There are some lovely tree lined streets lined with terrace Victorian and Edwardian architecture.  Transport facilities are good, and the shopping areas – although not rivalling those in neighbouring suburbs, are improving.  A part of the Chapel Street shopping mall intersects with the suburb, however it’s not the exclusive part of the strip, although contains some nice fashion boutiques and restaurants and undergoing constant improvement.

Windsor has been ear marked for some high rise developments – best to steer clear of these if you’re looking for an investment as better options are available in smaller apartment blocks located in some of the attractive tree lined quieter streets.

Due to the high number of apartment blocks in the area, most of the residents in Windsor rent. Facilities in the suburb cater towards a younger generation.


  • Swinburne university
  • Stonnington Primary School

Transport; Windsor railway station, and an number of tram services which run along Dandenong R, High Street, and Chapel Street.

Shopping:Chapel Street shopping mall (at the intersection of High Street) containing some nice little fashion boutiques and restaurants. (There is also a small shopping area on Punt Rd – ‘Windsor on Punt’)

House Styles:

Most of the housing stock is high rise apartment blocks and low maintenance villa units. Detached housing is a rarity – more common are rows of terrace single and double story Victorian and Edwardian architecture. Free standing homes fetch prices well in excess of a million.

Recent Sales:

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