The Melbourne Property Market 2012

The clearance rate has dipped under 60% again. Does anyone who managed to secure their dream home over the weekend care? Does anyone who managed to purchase an excellent investment property worry about how many others didn’t purchase their preferred home? NO!! There are still 800 properties being reported to the REIV every week as […]

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Navigating the Melbourne property market.

Clearance rates are stagnating at 60% on very low turnover. The State Government budget this year has Kim Wells pulling his hair out trying to manage the State’s finances. We have data analysts contradicting each other and we have real estate agents telling us how well they are doing. Throw in the uncertainty of variable […]

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Some sectors of the market are still running well

It’s very hard to go a week without numerous reports hitting the headlines suggesting a possible market crash. Despite facts being stressed concerning our population surge and shortage of ‘useable’ housing, a minority find a public voice to beat the drum of impending disaster. No market or investment is risk free, which is why it’s […]

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