How We Work

To find, assess and secure your next property we operate a four stage process. These are broken up into Your Needs, Search, Assess and Negotiate. This highly effective approach we have been using for over 14 years has now become the benchmark of most other advocates.

Whether you are an owner occupier or an investor we can start of by discussing what you think you want. We are simply looking for a starting point at our first no obligation meeting. Before we begin trawling the internet and ringing all the local agents, we go back and look at sold data over previous months to help narrow down what can and will fit into your budget. Read more about Your Needs below.

Searching is not just looking up a property online and sending it to you. We need to calculate roughly what it will sell for. The selling agent isn’t going to give us any accurate information on price. We keep track of this on a client worksheet. Read more about searching here.

Assessment takes both expertise and experience. It is not simply working out whether we can afford the property but also estimate cost of any changes. This can be done by simple estimate or if it is more complicated we can organise pest and or building inspections. Our property report is easy to read and extremely thorough. You can see a sample here

Negotiation is an art form. Only about 10% of properties throughout Victoria will finish under the hammer at an auction. The vast majority of properties are sold by private treaty negotiation, including before an auction or after a pass in. Our advocates will out negotiate you every day of the week. THIS IS WHAT WE DO EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! And how do you think you would fare at an auction with 100 people standing around waiting to hear you bid. How is your public speaking of late? Many people who bid for themselves at auction either get totally carried away and over pay or alternatively cannot find their voice at the right time. We have acted for clients at thousands of auctions. For more information on negotiation see here

Your Needs