Most of us will have a strict budget when it comes to purchasing a family home. Sometimes this is specified by what a bank will lend you and sometimes by the cash we have in our bank. It is a standard term that a vendor will require a 10% deposit upon signing a contract with the balance payable at settlement. You need to make sure you have this deposit available to you even if you are borrowing all the finds from the bank.
The “WHAT” “WHERE” and “PRIORITY” can all be set by a budget limit, or of course the budget can be set by the “WHAT” “WHERE” and “PRIORITY”. There is a certain Grade 2 maths equation that I usually bring up with all my clients.
The value of the Land (size and location) + the value of the house = the dollars you must pay.
In maths we can adjust this equation but it must remain balanced. If we want more valuable land by way of size or where it is and we cannot change the dollars then we must reduce the value of the house. If we want a better house then we need to reduce the land size or find a cheaper location. If we want bigger land in a better location with a better house then the dollars must rise.
Whilst this is very simple it is forgotten by nearly every home buyer!
We are experts in showing you what you can purchase and where you can get it. We are not here to make decisions for you, we are here to give you the information and the recommendations so you can make informed decisions.