The “WHAT” the “WHERE” and “HOW MUCH” lead us to the start of the search. It is the priority that helps us narrow it down.

What is more important to you: Where you live or what you live in? You may be able to afford a better property if you move slightly further out from the Melbourne CBD. However if you don’t really need that fourth bedroom, you may be able to get closer to where you work. And of course, if you know where you live and what you want to live in and the budget is flexible then you will have further options.

But assuming you did not win Tattslotto last night, almost every owner occupier will need to make some concessions. We will spend a lot of time of helping you sort out priorities. This is not just changing suburbs, but getting a little further from the park or closer to the station. It might mean a slightly smaller back yard will get you a bigger home.

We try to achieve every wish, but sometimes that is simply not possible so we work along side our client to help them make some priority decisions.