Managed Sales

Selling the family home or an investment property is very difficult and time consuming. JPP Managed Sales can take the stress out of selling. After 15 years of buying property in Melbourne, we are uniquely qualified to find and manage the best-selling agent for your property.

We can independently assess your property’s value, find the right agent, discuss with you the different selling methods and explain the pros and cons of each, and help you make your advertising dollars go further.

As Conjunctional Agents, our service will take you from the very beginning when you are considering selling to making sure the contracts are signed on the day of sale.

Our Managed Sales Service includes:
Inspecting your property and providing a totally independent opinion of the value of your property.
We will:
• Advise on the different methods of sale and the pros and cons of each.
• Discuss the presentation and preparation of your property including any staging or hire furniture that may be deemed advisable.
• Help select and then add an agent to a conjunctional sale authority, who will conduct the opens and/or auction.
• Negotiate the commission for the sale.
• Maintain communication between the agent and you all the way through the campaign.
• Advise on who to appoint to organise contracts and vendor statement.
• Be with you to advise on any offers that are received during the campaign and also attend any auction with you whilst the selling agent conducts the auction.
• Ensure contracts are correctly filled up and that your legal advisor is informed of any deal.

We will be the conjunctional selling agents with the local agent we choose. The commission for the sale is split between JPP and the local agent. Both JPP and the local agent are legally obligated to follow the rules set out in the Estate Agents Act as well as being members of the REIV and following their rules of professional conduct.

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