Owner Occupier

Many owner occupiers don’t know exactly what they want. There is a very simple calculation to remember when it comes to property:

Value of the land + Value of the dwelling = Dollars you must pay.

If you know where you want to live and how much you have to spend, then we can work out what you can purchase. If you know your budget and what you wish to buy we can work out where you can live.

Before we start searching for our clients we go back and look at the last three to six months of sold properties that have similar parameters to that which we are contemplating. It is in this way that we can streamline our starting point for the search.

We can then spend time inspecting several properties with our new client. We call this our points of reference tour. It is usually one of the best 2-3 hours spent walking through properties together. There is no pressure, and the properties are not usually perfect. In fact, we try to find something that is not so god, something average and then maybe one that is a little “over the top.” It is in this way we can start to understand the idiosyncrasies of our client.

We break down the owner occupiers search into four distinct categories: Budget, Where, What and then pull the whole search together with Why.