What’s it Worth ?

Paying the “RIGHT” price should be your most important aim. To do this, you must have current sales data, not the outdated data anyone can buy online. You need to know what sold last week, not last year. You need to know what is really a comparable. What date did it sell, who sold it, what is the land size, the accommodation and garaging, what is the façade (age of dwelling) and what was the floor plan like. These are the questions to ask and responses need to be analysed in order to work out whether something is comparable. As a Licensed Real Estate Agency, we have access to up to date databases. As a fifteen year veteran of Buyer Advocacy and an expert selling agent before that we can work out what is truly comparable and what is not. You also need to understand the market, what the vendor will be thinking, what the agent wants, what other people are likely to pay etc. The list goes on and on.

Our Property Report

If we like the property enough to buy it then we produce a property report.

Our property report covers all the main thought processes that go into deciding whether a property would be a good buy or not. We look at where it is, what it is, the land size, the suitability to matching Your Needs and also look at all the pros and cons of the actual building and floor plan. We then look at what it is worth and what our competition is likely to pay.

Please click on the report cover at the right to see a full Sample Property Report (PDF).

For more in-depth information on assessment of Melbourne property, try one of our “how-to” articles on Contracts. If you would like to know more about our negotiation procedures, move on to NEGOTIATE or if you are ready to have a chat please call us on (03) 9773 8404 or take five minutes to fill in the Your Needs form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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