Every investor has different goals. Some have high levels of equity in their existing property but may have limited cash flow due to growing family or shrinking wages. There are properties that have reasonable growth rates and very good yields that could make investing in property a lot less painful than you would imagine.
There are investors that have plenty of spare cash. No more kids at home and need to start thinking about that retirement nest egg. There are properties that you will have to spend some money each week to help to fund, but they should double in value every 7-8 years.
Many of our investors have little time to manage their investments either. We look at “Set & Forget” properties for these clients
Other people are ready to roll up their sleeves and “Value Add” to their investment property. We could look for something that needs some work and look to value add. Perhaps a new kitchen, bathroom or just a coat of paint may add significant value to your investment or you may be able to purchase something you didn’t think you could afford.
Then there are those looking to massively increase their portfolio. The “Development option” may be the best way to go. Buying a property and planning on building in the back or demolishing to put up three or four townhouses.
Or do we look for something that could sit in all three categories.
Once the property is purchased we can take over all the worries of maintaining your property in good order, organise and manage the tenants, pay regular bills and organise insurances and repairs. Our Property Management team is second to none. With hundreds of properties across Melbourne our team of managers has the experience and the expertise to look after your property as if it were their own.

Set and Forget
Value Add
Property Management