This seems like a very easy question to answer but it is usually the hardest. Where is the quintessential question that is dependent on what you want, how much your budget is and when you want to be able to buy your new property. In a perfect world we would like to name the street we wish to live in, the type and style of home and also be able to find three of them so we can pick one. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

When choosing the geographical area to look in you need to take into account a number of things.

  • Where do you work
  • How do you get to work
  • Where does your family live
  • Where do your friends live
  • Where will the children go to school
  • Do you have a hobby you need to get to every weekend
  • Does the area have the type and style of home that you are after
  • Can we purchase in this area within the budget limits
  • Is there enough turnover in the area to meet you time requirements

Quite frequently our clients will adjust their location requirements simply because they didn’t know you couldn’t get a certain type of property in the area. Or that the budget would not stretch far enough in certain locations.
Part of our job is to open your eyes to what is possible and probable just as much as letting you know what is not possible or plausible.