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Your enquiries will be handled quickly, efficiently and effectively. You will get used to dealing with one person who can answer almost all of your enquiries. We are a family run business and therefore the turnover of core staff is negligible.

Our history within the industry and our attention to detail means all documentation will be accurate in its presentation.

Our communications with you will always be prompt and both a quick chat on the phone as well as a detailed written response.

All enquiries and discussions with you, the tenant and the property managers is diarised in case of any issues which arise leading to the need to represent you at any VCAT hearings.

Inspections, under current legislation allow for an internal property inspection every 6 months and we are happy to do this for you or with you.

All tenancy applications are screened with the utmost attention to detail. No tenant will be recommended until all parts of the tenancy application have been vetted. All references checked and employment history and pay checked with their workplace.

We have access to an excellent list of licensed tradespeople and handyman services. We can organise small maintenance items up to full renovations. We have the people to organise your lawns to be mowed or your pool to be cleaned as a once off or on a regular basis.

We can recommend services such as insurance and depreciation schedules, good accountants and financial planners.

Our fees and charges reflect this all-encompassing level of service.

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