Agent Selection

There are plenty of Real Estate Agents to choose from and all of them will tell you they will sell your home better than the next guy. So who do you choose? Which Agency, which agent? You need to analyse who is selling what in your area. Which agency is selling the most properties and which agent is selling the same type of property that you have. How long have they been selling real estate, for this agency and how long have they been in the area? Are they a fully licensed Real Estate Agent or are they simply and Agents Representative? Are you going to interview the director of the agency and then have the newest, youngest member of the team stand on your property at open for inspections?

When listing with an agent you need to know what they are going to do for their commission. You need to clarify exactly what each agent is responsible for and what will be left to chance. You need to know a lot about the agent you are about to hire. Remember, the agent you hire is about to sell your greatest asset.

We know who the good agents are – we negotiate against them every week! Before hiring someone on your behalf, we look at their sales history and there work history. There are plenty of agents out there that have only done a 2 day course at TAFE and are telling you they are experts in the field.

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