Unaffordability or just puppets of the rumour mill?

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It brings to mind the recent controversial advert depicting Julia Gillard as a puppet of the Labor machine, however instead I wonder if the true puppets depicted should be the public at the hands of the great media machine?

After all it’s the media that decides to make what is often a minor issue a major headline for the sake of attracting a greater readership. Whether we recognise the folly of the debate or not, we can’t help but be influenced. Hear a message enough times, and your subconscious starts to believe it.

It could be argued that the effect is relatively harmless, however when it comes to investment, running sensationalist headlines based on misleading statistics can have far reaching effects on our economy. A mere rumour, whether substantiated or not, can cause the stockmarket to plunge or in an atmosphere already financially unstable, a ‘run for the hills’ scenario such as witnessed in the United Kingdom during the GFC when investors did a panic run on the Northern Rock bank.

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