Do you really want a bargain?

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As a property investor you face a mine field of advice from financial advisors, sales agents, property planners, developers, not to mention numerous magazines and books all promising the road to riches. Not unlike politics they offer a sea of differing opinions of what constitutes a good property investment and it’s often hard to sort the wood from the trees. Learning from past mistakes isn’t preferable when you’re investing large amounts of money, so it’s best not to make one in the first place.

Buyers often feel more confident purchasing into what’s traditionally known as a ‘seller’s market’ rather than during the downward phase of a market cycle. Purchasing property that’s rising in value is understandably more assuring than reading weekly headlines that instigate the fear we’re on the brink of a property crash. However when buying into a ‘buyer’s market,’ words like ‘bargain’ should start to ring the warning bells.

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