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The great price quote debate will continue to be a ‘hot topic’ in the media. However property buyers need to understand they are never going to win the price quote ‘war’. It’s almost an impossible task to regulate the real estate industry to quote fairly for both vendor and purchaser. The closest option is to simply not quote at all – (and yet this isn’t helpful to buyers who will get equally confusing information when asking for a ‘verbal’ quote.)

All sales industries are in the business of manoeuvring buyers to purchase products through manipulative advertising and quoting. Let’s face it, when we sell a car or other product on e-bay our aim is no different. Every selling agent knows to run a successful auction means attracting as may buyers through a property as possible. The more buyers prepared to put their hand up, the better the result. No agent will risk ‘over cooking’ a property by quoting too high. It will always be placed at a ‘conservative’ level – and no two selling agents will quote the same. Therefore just as you wouldn’t trust the vendor’s solicitor to give you unbiased advice on the contract, neither should you trust a vendor’s selling agent to give you unbiased advice on price. Remember the vendor is PAYING the selling agent to get a premium.

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