You cant control the market but you can minimise risk

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It’s very hard to go a week without numerous reports hitting the headlines suggesting we’re heading for a market crash. Despite plain facts being stressed concerning our population surge, and shortage of ‘useable’ housing, a minority always seem to find a public platform to beat the drum of impending disaster. It seems pointless to reiterate the arguments for and against; they have been repeated many times from all cornersof the spectrum and – like politics – sides have already been staked out.

The truth is no market or investment is risk free – and ultimately the future prospect of any one market is largely out of our control. As individuals we have little ‘say’ over the number of people entering our country or the property prices this growing ‘market’ will dictate in the future. However we do have the ability to minimise risk through a carefully strategized plan prior to making any financial decisions. Short of putting money under the mattress or taking an oath to live the remainder of our lives on the rental ladder for fear of the next looming financial disaster, ‘risk minimisation’ is something we do have control of when deciding to purchase property.

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