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It was only a few short months ago that we first read through the testimonials on the website, and now here we are writing our own.

After our first meeting with Ian we were impressed by his friendliness, knowledge of the area and insight into the real estate industry. Over the course of subsequent meetings we also found he was a great source of knowledge, had a keen interest in our [sometimes changing] needs and didn’t get to spend nearly enough time out in his boat.

It was time spent sharing his wealth of experience and valuable insight that we valued most, whether it be enthusiastically taking us off to open inspections, or attending an auction for a property that wasn’t quite right, but had captured our eye anyway. In time though we came to realise without any doubt that we missed out on the ‘not quite right’ property, when the opportunity arose to make an offer on one that was exactly right. Sensing our eagerness, and with a canny sense of timing, Ian stepped in and took control of the situation, planned a strategy as he stood in the hallway, and within a few hours we were first home owners.

These testimonials are real; they’re written by very happy people, just like us.

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