David and Lara

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Hi Courtney and Ian

Just writing to thank you for your help in purchasing our property, which we moved into yesterday, and to provide you with another testimony for your website.

We came to you without a clear idea of what was available, and stressed at the thought of entering the often duplicitous and time consuming nature of buying a house. You helped us to get a great house in a great area at a very fair price.

We were saved from tiring and time-wasting round of open-for-inspections, and were given the VIP treatment of viewing properties at a time and date which suited us. You also spared us from having to guess how truthful or untruthful the selling agent was being with his price.

The beautiful home in Bentleigh which we eventually brought (given the market now, it seems like a very good price; at the time, it was definately a more-than-fair price) was one which I am sure we would not have even visited had we been left to our own devices. We are delighted to be living there, and the suburb was top of our list in desired locations which we thought might be in our price range.
Courtney was always available, charming and helpful, right up until the moving in day, when we set the burglar alarm off and telephoned her for help in turning it off (I had to turn off the mains power whilst we were hunting down her phone number).

Thanks again.

All the best,

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