Koen and Liz

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JPP (Ian, Courntey, Justin) have been excellent guides in finding our new house, giving us generously of their time at hours convenient to us. Their assessments and estimations of the various properties we saw was always on the mark.
For one property, they alerted us to upcoming building developments that were going to affect a property we were interested in.
Especially useful to us was their ability to point out hidden flaws regarding the buildings themselves, and their on the spot ability to give a rough estimate of the money it would take to fix those issues. JPP have prevented us from buying a charming money pit or two.
Also rather essential was that they took all the paperwork chasing out of our hands.
If you have little experience fixing up houses, if you want information beyond the spin from the vendor’s agent, if you don’t want to chase paperwork, if you don’t want to gamble your savings away at an auction on your own, you need help. JPP provides that help, and then some.

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