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Buying property in Melbourne is hard. It’s fast paced and you need to know exactly what you’re doing or you’ll miss out. That’s why my husband and I engaged the services of JPP and more specifically Ian. We needed someone who could guide us through the battle field of the Melbourne property crush and lead us to victory! And Ian succeeded 100%. Ian’s knowledge of Melbourne property is invaluable. Layering onto this his knowledge of the bidding / buying process and the local agents made it feel like we had a strong advantage over other buyers. Ian also took the stress out of things because he was able to arrange building inspections etc and of course be there on auction day to handle the bidding and navigate us through the process when we finally won! What a wild ride! If you’re considering buying property in Melbourne and haven’t done it before, get stressed easily, don’t know what to do, would value having a sounding board to discuss a property with or are just generally short of time then get JPP involved and take the stress out of buying property in Melbourne.

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