Market perfect for investors, not home buyers

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You can analyse as much statistical data as you like, and in many cases twist it to argue any point you want to make, but ask the average home buyer if he or she is finding it any easier to purchase property, and I doubt the answer would be an out-and-out yes.

Bear in mind a home buyer is not like an investor. Investors can pick and choose the areas they search in. They don’t have to warm to the “feel” of a home. They can be walking distance from any café, not their favoured one. They can purchase close to any good school, not the one their children attend. Investors don’t need to buy until a good opportunity presents itself, and for this reason they can step in and out of the market at will while targeting those “need to sell” vendors. In such cases, there are often multiple properties that tick the right boxes, and we’re currently in a perfect market atmosphere to take advantage of them.

However, home buyers rarely have such a luxury. When home buyers purchase property it often follows months of searching through limited suburbs of choice for a property with the particular idiosyncrasies to suit individual tastes. More often than not, when a home buyer finds a “dream home”, there are half a dozen other people who have targeted it as well and the vendor is less than willing to compromise.

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