Tips to minimising your risk in a turbulent market

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The financial fallout in America is not going to do anything positive for investor confidence, however the agents this weekend were taking full advantage of the news to spruik the safety of investing in “bricks and mortar”. Without exception, in each auction preamble, there were comments to the effect that “the share market is crashing, and therefore there’s no better time to turn to real estate”.

Of course it’s in the best interests of real estate agents to spruik this message – but then, why not? Amidst all the conflicting headlines, the property market is happily singing its own tune. The clearance rate has been firmly in the 50s (the new “norm”) for some months now. We’ve had a flat market all year with minimal movement – interest rates are on hold, our economy looks secure – and if anyone was perturbed following the downgrade of America’s AAA rating, it wasn’t evident in property land this weekend. Numbers walking through opens and standing outside auctions gave the impression we’re in anything but doom and gloom. Of course, the crux is when will the window shoppers turn into buyers?

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