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This year has started strong for our team,
Leasing and managing properties has been very busy.
Courtney and her team worked through with great success.
All open for inspections were full on through the Christmas break, even on 40 degree days.

Many properties are renting out straight away, others just a short time after listing them.
Closer to the CBD, units have been very popular with young couples and friends needing to get into these units and apartments over there break.
Period homes and townhouses with in the 5 – 15km radius are being leased straight away.
Houses in the outer areas also very popular, we cannot get enough 4 bedroom homes on our books, as soon as we open them we get multiple applications. (Great for our landlords)
Families are all hoping to get into their new properties prior to the new school term begins.
Homes and units that are updated, and have neat and low maintenance outdoor living areas are the more popular properties.

If you are looking to increase your portfolio or looking to buy an investment property our team of advocates can assist you 03 9523 1054.
JPP Property Management offer a boutique service, fulfilling all investors needs and more while ensuring there tenants are cared for.
Call Courtney on 9523 1054 and talk to her about how she can assist you with all your property management needs.

The December Melbourne rental vacancies

Rental Market Snapshot – December 2012
The current rental vacancy rate in Melbourne is 2.3 per cent
The current rental vacancy rate for Regional Victoria is 2.6 per cent
The current house median rent in Melbourne is $381 per week
The current house median rent in Regional Victoria is $300 per week. (Source REIV)

Census shows more renters


The first release of the 2011 Census provides some interesting information about the structure of housing in Melbourne and how it has changed.

In summary: over the past five years there has been an increase in the proportion of people renting compared to those owning or buying their own home.

At the same time, there has been little change in the types of homes we live in.

Read the rest of this article here (source: REIV Website)

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