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Dear JPP and Sam,

I have been meaning to write and say Thank You, but have been a little busy. I have not forgotten all the wonderful work and phone calls and encouragement you gave Michael and I.

I can’t believe how much we are enjoying our house and we can’t thank you enough. The wait, although I thought it would never end, was worth it in the end as we really feel like we have a home now.

Ant I really have to thank you for knowing and understanding what Michael and I were looking for and being patient enough to help us find the right place. Your experience certainly helped us to gain an appreciation of the market, what to look for and how to look at houses. I will always be thankful for your patience and direction, particularly when I was troubled by a fence or the position of the air conditioning or other silly things that should not have been “deal breakers”.

Just wanted to let you both know that we were really thrilled with the service and will of course recommend you to others when we can.

Thanks Again,

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