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JPP Buyer Advocates are champions!

We are truly impressed with the service we received and continue to receive during the purchase of our property.

Ian and the team at JPP are knowledgeable, professional, efficient and communicative – precisely what you need when taking steps to purchase a new home or investment property.

As first home buyers, the process was intimidating (at best) and Ian was excellent at explaining the steps involved. Ian’s obvious talent and experience in real estate meant we were confident we were in great hands – we walked out feeling exhilarated and hopeful, armed with lots of information.

In our situation, we saw a house we liked – went to see Ian that weekend – and had our offer accepted less than a week later! He truly went above and beyond our expectations, negotiating on our behalf and keeping us well informed along the way.

As a well-intentioned buyer, unavoidably, you can be on the ‘back foot’ with regard to the selling agents – they serve the vendor and may not be quick to return your calls or keep you updated.

In our case, Ian was cool, calm and in control at all times – using his experience in real estate to secure our property. We were lucky to have someone on “our side” and I do believe we would not have the home we love without Ian’s hard work and strategy.

After reading the testimonials on the website (like you are doing now) and thinking “JPP sound wonderful” (they are), we are extremely grateful we made the call.

Having an experienced representative to guide you and work on your behalf makes all the difference.

We would thoroughly and whole-heartedly recommend JPP Buyer Advocates. The value of their input far exceeds saving money (which we did!), we were so grateful to have someone to give us clear and quick answers and fantastic support.

Thank you Ian, Courtney and the team at JPP!

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