Melbourne property market

Most media outlets are now talking gloom and doom. Many are saying the Westpac rate increase will lead all banks to increase their rates and therefore stop people buying properties. Many bloggers and print media point to median prices beginning to slow and in many capital cities, apart from Melbourne and Sydney, already in negative […]

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Underquoting properties in the current market

How will selling agents handle the inevitable crack down on under quoting properties they have for sale? The Melbourne property market is beginning to split into different segments. For the past two years there has been solid growth across the board in almost all areas of the market with the exception of inner city apartments. […]

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Underquoting: Who does it help?

Every weekend prospective buyers are walking away from auctions shaking their heads, and sometimes their fists at Real Estate Agents. The same story is heard over and over again. The agent said the “buyer interest” was around $450,000 or “we are telling people who have interest around $500,000 that they should look at this property”. […]

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