Shock election results will change the property market

We can look back on Saturday’s election results and certainly talk about the polls and media commentators missing the outcome. But what will it mean to the property market? I certainly had spent much time thinking about the impacts of negative gearing being wound back and also the possibility of large capital gains tax changes. […]

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When will the Market Reignite?

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is an independent body that supervises banking institutions and has been a useful tool for the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). 2 years ago the RBA board knew that the housing market was overheating in both Melbourne and Sydney. But nowhere else in the country was the housing market […]

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Will Santa bring change to Melbourne Property?

Another weekend of 60% clearance rates on 875 reported Auctions and a further 690 private sales proving that the market is still marching on toward 2013 with gusto. Our enquiry levels have been exceptional, with many prospective purchasers now finding it very hard to compete in a market that is heating up. 2013 will be […]

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