Shock election results will change the property market

We can look back on Saturday’s election results and certainly talk about the polls and media commentators missing the outcome. But what will it mean to the property market? I certainly had spent much time thinking about the impacts of negative gearing being wound back and also the possibility of large capital gains tax changes. […]

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The Election is finally here but it won’t slow the investors down

After 8 months of electioneering, we are finally going to get a chance to move on without politicians being front and centre of the media. With the current trends in the Melbourne auction scene, the only thing the announcement will do is slow down a few vendors. Currently the clearance rate sits well over 70% […]

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Investors looking at Off-The-Plan Sales need to beware

Investors chase profit in three ways: Capital growth, Rental yield and Tax deductions. There was an old adage I once heard many, many years ago: Never buy an asset where the sole purpose is to lose money and get tax deductions! In other words, long-term capital growth should always be your focus when buying property […]

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