Are all property contracts made equal?

Clearance rates are not dropping, and they are simply not likely to anytime in the near future. Listening to Channel Nine’s Ross Greenwood this morning I heard him talk about the need for another 2.5M dwellings in the next 15 years. And considering we are now only at 9M, that is nearly 30% more than […]

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First big test for the Melbourne market

In the past 5 days we have purchased 5 properties. they have been geographically and financially all over the place. We have purchased under the hammer at auction, bought at an in-rooms auction, private sale negotiation, a negotiation prior to an auction and and late on Saturday secured a property after a passed in auction. […]

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Need help bidding at auction?

Auctions are simply a way of life in the Melbourne property market. Even though, in overall Metropolitan Melbourne, there are only about 30% of properties that go to auction, in the inner suburbs around the 20km ring of the CBD, this could be closer to 60%. If you are intending to purchase in these areas, […]

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