Forget Winter, Spring is coming, and it will be huge

I attended 2 auctions in flogging rain on Saturday. The first in North Melbourne saw a single fronted Victorian home go under the hammer. In the freezing cold and rain and not enough space inside the home, around 50 people stood outside and waited for the auctioneer. A previous offer of $725k had been rejected […]

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Shock election results will change the property market

We can look back on Saturday’s election results and certainly talk about the polls and media commentators missing the outcome. But what will it mean to the property market? I certainly had spent much time thinking about the impacts of negative gearing being wound back and also the possibility of large capital gains tax changes. […]

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REIV Awards 2018

The REIV Awards for Excellence were presented in October at the Crown Casino. Courtney Thursfield, our Head of Property Management, was awarded the Presidents Award for 2018. This award is given to an individual based on their contribution to the REIV and to the Real Estate industry as a whole. Courtney is the current chair […]

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