Are all property contracts made equal?

Clearance rates are not dropping, and they are simply not likely to anytime in the near future. Listening to Channel Nine’s Ross Greenwood this morning I heard him talk about the need for another 2.5M dwellings in the next 15 years. And considering we are now only at 9M, that is nearly 30% more than […]

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How to manage Selling Agents who underquote

Agents who quote very low do so in order to disrupt a competitor’s auction or private sale. They do it to bring potential buyers to their property instead of them going to another. If 2 similar properties were going to auction, with similar attributes, land size etc and if they are worth about $600k, with […]

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Winter certainly feels like it has arrived

But clearly nobody explained that to the market. 82% clearance rate on 925 Auctions according to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria. With winter officially upon us next week, traditionally clearance rates drop somewhat and turnover decreases. I am not too sure this will occur. Whilst many agents fly north for holidays during these traditionally […]

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